13 April 2010

369 Revolutions, Infinite Revelations

369 days ago, my dear niece came to live with me. Some days it seems like she just got here. Other days, I feel like she's been with me from the start of her sweet, sassy life. April 9, 2009 was the day she arrived, along with my family, to make the transition. She went from living with my parents in NJ to living with her Tia (aunt) in UT. Her entire world changed over night. So did mine. Gone was the single life, and I was off to the races as a parent.

I could chatter for hours about the ups, downs, highs and lows, but instead of boring you to tears, I will highlight some of the more memorable moments to honor my beautiful, strong-willed, 10 year old child.

06 April 2010

Hidden Danger Or Stupid Mistake?

One of the great strides my niece has made since coming to live with me is her ability to socialize. She has gone from a child who essentially had no friends, to a little social butterfly. Its actually a bit a of a conflict, if anything. Her teacher has commented that she is a too chatty in the classroom. Secretly, this makes me happy. I LOVE that she has friends.