27 February 2010

(Learning) Curves Ahead

I spent the majority of 2009 unemployed. Laid off from my lovely marketing job in March, I thought I'd have a couple of months of fun, travel, then land a dream job. I learned life had other things in store for me.

I relaxed for about 2 weeks, took in a lot of matinees. Read a ton of books and found myself bored to tears. Not to worry- in April, my beautiful and amazing niece came to live with me. Life was busy if not utterly shambolic. The summer came and went, but job offers failed to materialize. I found myself in a very odd position. For the first time in my life I was 1.) unemployed and 2.) raising a young girl.

18 February 2010

Mail Order...Groom?

So...I'm new at being a parent, let alone a single parent. I've had my beautiful niece for nearly a year now, and I wouldn't trade her for the entire universe. But a kid is a ton of work! And holy poo, I would love to share the load with someone. I've been trying to network, and put feelers out there. You know, see if dating yields any prospects. But time is tight. And the pickings are slim. On a particularly glum day, I joked I should just order a mail-order groom. It was one of those ideas which is really funny in your head, but when you tell people they just look at you like you're daft. I decided I want a Viking.

08 February 2010

Sand for Water

mirage: (noun) something illusory, without substance or reality.

You are lost in the desert, having wandered for days. Water has run out, and quite frankly, the situation is looking bleak. You know you will perish if you cannot find water quickly. It’s a desperate situation, but its a reality that has befallen you.
Just before you reach the limits of existence, you see something on the horizon. It defies belief- an oasis. You are doubtful, yet a part of you hopes- nay believes, you may have found salvation. You can see water, smell it. Sufficient, though not abundant, it will surely bring you life.

03 February 2010

I Talk To Dead People

Let it be known, I can go for days, talking only to myself. No, I'm not schizophrenic, I just am easily entertained. I ask myself questions, answer questions, make jokes, laugh... I've been told by others its quite the thing to behold. So there you have it, I talk out loud.