30 May 2011

Sister and Friend Azminda Roa: 1958-2011

Our prayers for others flow more easily than those for ourselves.  This shows we are made to live by charity.  ~C.S.Lewis

I recently lost a very dear friend. She was young, she was vibrant, stubborn, wise and independent. I could fill pages telling you how amazing she was. Is. I have tried to grieve, have tried to leave this in God's hands, but I have not yet found peace. 

My thoughts have very often turned to my memories of my friend. I find myself overwhelmed by her great acts of service and charity. Time and time again, I remember the kindness she showed to those around her, and the love she sowed. I was many times a witness to her service to others. I was many times the recipient of such service. She had a very strong personality and was therefore often misunderstood. But her heart, her spirit was indomitable and obedient and caring.

She left us too soon. I wish I could have been with her or visited her before her passing. I am comforted by my religious beliefs that there is a life beyond this one, and that my dear friend is at peace from this conflicted world, suffers no longer, and I will yet see her again. But in the mean time, I feel the most dire urge to remind everyone: cherish this life. Cherish your loved ones.

My grandmother, and now my mother, often tells me, "Somos prestados." This roughly translates to "we are only here on loan," as if to say God grants us but a short time on this earth, then we are returned back to his care.

And today I am keenly reminded, we are but loaned.

To my dear friend and sister, Azminda Roa- may the richest blessings be poured down upon you now that you have departed this side of the veil. Thank you for the legacy of friendship and service you have left to so many on this earth. Your absence is keenly felt. You are loved. I look forward to the day when I meet you again.