18 June 2010

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

I cannot contain my excitement. Through a very lucky strike of fate (read: Divine Intervention), I am about to get a brand, spanking new BED.

Don't get me wrong, my current bed and I have been through some good times. Almost 10 years of slumber- its gotten me through a nasty car accident, a few surgeries, a 2 year battle against mononucleosis, and the odd night with a sick child next to me.

But the poor bed is definitely warn, and sadly it is time to part ways. Miraculously, through the absolute kindness of a complete stranger whom I have never met, I am about to go chose one of the most expensive beds money can buy. I am giddy. I revel in the thought of a good night's rest, without waking to my aching back & neck. I am elated! There are not enough happy and thankful words for me to use.

For anyone looking for a bed in the UT area, consider http://www.mycomfortmyway.com/. It is run by the local Pearce family, and while they are strangers to me, they are family in spirit for their act of selflessness.

HOORAY for the hope of a great night's rest! And many, many thanks to the Pearce Family, and the good Lord for this HUGE blessing.

14 June 2010

Me, Myself and I?

We had an "incident" in our home today which turned out to highlight what I'm thinking is a bigger problem. My child was given a little Poodle-Japanese Chin mix puppy a few months ago. His name is Starbuck and he is arguably the cutest puppy around (don't tell my dog, Mr. Frodo the Shiz Tzu). While his cuteness is undeniable, his stealth is downright lethal. I've tripped over him (including a painful tumble down the stairs), stepped on a little paw a time or 2. He's little- 7 lbs, and won't be getting any bigger. We will adjust & pray he lives a long life.

This morning, however, my little one stepped on the little one...and broke the dog's leg. Drama ensued. I had to take the day off from work, stay with the pooch, take him to the vet. $500 later, he'll be home- in a cast- some time tomorrow. All a part of parenthood, I say (as if I really know).

09 June 2010

Shock & Awe (but not really)

I was driving around the other day, listening to NPR, and really trying to pay attention to different advertisements, billboards & signs. I'm in graphic design now, and I was just trying to soak up ideas. In the process, I noticed something: our music performers (note I don't use the term musicians), are just trying to out-shock each other. The story on the radio was related to how our many manufactured pop stars are giving up actual talent to display their...assets. And maybe, just maybe, after almost 2 decades of this kitsch, this methodology is beginning to falter.

I always thought I was a liberal person. But now that I am raising a very impressionable 10-year old, I'm realizing how much garbage is shoved down our throats 24/7. Turns out, at the end of the day I am pretty conservative. When I was growing up, I loved music (still do, for the record), but it was about the music. Madonna was just on the scene and she was scandalous. The Cure was edgy and dark. I remember when Ozzy did his bat biting. But it was kind of a take-it-or-leave-it deal. If that was your bag, great. If not, great. I never felt inundated by it. You had to go out and find the perverse. Not anymore.