24 March 2010

In My Sleep

This tune has resonated with me. Maybe the "experiment" I'm working on will only ever come to fruition in my sleep...

The Experiment

Being hired as a Marketing Manager was a dream come true for me. After 9 long months of unemployment, I was desperate, both fiscally and professionally. 2 whole months into my "dream job," I was told my department was being dis-assembled, and I would be given a job in the Creative department as an artist. Gulp.

I may have exaggerated my meager design skills when interviewing back in the day, but that was back when my job was to market things- not design them. The move was shocking for me, but I was grateful to still have a job. If anyone can fake it until they make it, I'm you're girl! Nightly tutorials ensued. Daily projects of me drawing the lamest images you can imagine are the norm. My first projects were actually turned in to my new boss on paper-- as pencil sketches of stick people. (Its a good thing my new boss likes me). I'm conceptually brilliant. Its the execution which still lacks finesse.

09 March 2010

The Swim

When I was a little girl, my mom made my sister and I attend swimming lessons every summer. I was always giddy with joy. I actually thought I was part mermaid (or at least fish) and if my parents permitted, I could easily live in a pool all summer. So at the mature age of 6, I was to embark on a journey to learn to swim "for real."

And learn, I did. Turned out I was so good, that I got bumped up to the next level of class, making me the youngest pupil in the bunch. I could hold my breath, tread water and kick with the best of them. But the true test- the test of bravery and advancement- was to swim in the deep end, all the way across that giant pool without stopping. The reward: a Hershey Bar. Heaven in squares, wrapped in foil, tucked neatly into brown paper.