23 January 2010

The Perfect Couple

For every one, there is a perfect match. No one goes without its "better half". Tall/short, heavy/thin, black/white..and it goes on. You know the story already. But not in my home. Oh no. There is no such thing as a perfect pair...of socks, of course.

18 January 2010

Murder Most Foul...?

Not quite a year ago, I found myself taking custody of my now 10-yr old niece. She's a sassy one, that kid. She had been without a mother figure in her life, and I have been without a family of my own, so we were an odd couple to say the least. Yet here we are, almost a year later, and I couldn't tell you what life was like before my little Pumpkin Pie.

That being said...parenting is still a bit of an experiment to me. I am very loving, yet very logical; 2 traits which are sometimes at odds. I've been making sure we have plenty of kid things to do, kid-friendly TV, games, the gamut. I show love and affection, and try to think of things from a kid's point of view. I even decorated for Christmas- tree and all. I thought I was in the clear until at least Easter.

And so it begins...

At a young age, I showed an amazing aptitude for writing. By the age of 7, I was crafting my own school notes which my parents would happily sign. I wrote an impressive book on the topic of the human heart in grade 4 (still unpublished, but a girl can dream). I've spent a pretty hefty chunk of my professional career writing in some form or another. Whether carefully crafting legal documents to accompany an explosives shipment to the Middle East, hammering out an apology letter in sketchy Flemish to a client, or sending out letters of encouragement en mass to an unsuspecting customer base...done it.

To boot, I am an official magnet to all things random, hilarious, inappropriate, quasi tragic and down right bizarre. Oh, I'm also a magnet to animals. Go figure. Anyway, through the invention of social networking, I've been commenting here and there about life as I see it, and persistently, I've been asked, "Where can I read your blog?" Well, call me old school, but I've never had a blog. So it goes. I'll try this little experiment for a time and see where it goes. If you enjoy, please post your comments. If you don't enjoy, be gentle with me. :)