19 July 2010

Mercy vs. Merits

Mercy versus merits. This is something I've been pondering for literally, years. Sometimes its more on the forefront of my brain, other times its on the proverbial back-burner. As rational humans (I can't account for the non-rational ones- there are just too many!) we tend to see the world in a cause and effect light. I speed, and therefore I get a speeding ticket. I consume more calories than my body burns, therefore I've got a bountiful booty. I am a good person, therefore I deserve good things.

It makes perfect sense. Its what we are taught as children: be good and you will go to heaven, study and you will get good grades, eat your veggies, it will put hair on your chest (channeling my dad for a second there)...you get the picture.

08 July 2010

Tune My Heart

I've been stressing and fussing over this and that. Money is tight, the dog's leg is broken, my head hurts, there's nothing on TV (kidding about that last one), my kid is grumpy...

I could whine for 28 paragraphs. But while listening to my iPod today, this gem popped up. Regardless of your choice of denomination, this old hymn is a perfect elixir for all that ails. I am blessed beyond imagination. I breath, I can see, read, type, hear. I have legs to carry me places, a bed to sleep in and a roof over my head. I have a loving (if slightly stubborn) child. We live in a land relatively free of all too common diseases which plague other countries- malaria, TB, measles. AND- I have air conditioning in my car and my home. On with the big girl panties, and off with the complaining.

Come thou fount of every blessing! Listen, ponder, repeat. I am.

06 July 2010

Pity Party: Table for 1

OK...so part of this story is funny, part of it pathetic. Let's get to the funny. I recently suffered a solid concussion. At work. In front of my entire team (and our maintenance man). To quote, "humiliations galore."

It all began with an innocent walk across the street to the local Maverick for a morning drink & breakfast treat. Having secured my diet coke, I proceeded out w/ goods in hand. Open just reaching the steep embankment down to the sidewalk, my flip-flopped foot hit a patch of mud and that was all she wrote. My feet went out from under me so quickly, there was no time to brace, my body slammed into the embankment, head hitting the concrete slab. Please note- I did not spill a DROP of my beverage. Oh yeah- I'm clumsy, but a pro!