06 July 2010

Pity Party: Table for 1

OK...so part of this story is funny, part of it pathetic. Let's get to the funny. I recently suffered a solid concussion. At work. In front of my entire team (and our maintenance man). To quote, "humiliations galore."

It all began with an innocent walk across the street to the local Maverick for a morning drink & breakfast treat. Having secured my diet coke, I proceeded out w/ goods in hand. Open just reaching the steep embankment down to the sidewalk, my flip-flopped foot hit a patch of mud and that was all she wrote. My feet went out from under me so quickly, there was no time to brace, my body slammed into the embankment, head hitting the concrete slab. Please note- I did not spill a DROP of my beverage. Oh yeah- I'm clumsy, but a pro!

Fast forward a couple of hours of work, calls to my physician, office visit...and I'm in the ER getting a CT scan. The good news: scientific proof I have a brain. Bad news: some cranial bruising and a concussion.

The next day was worse- I felt as if I had been it by a truck. Shoulders, neck, teeth, jaw all hurt. But, I lived! Amazing.

I finally get back to work, still feeling fuzzy and out of it, but back, baby! I head to bed, only to wake up at 2 am with the stomach flu from Hell. 12 hours of puking and...other bodily functions, I wanted to die. 12 hours more of shivering and sweating I wished I had died.

All of this in just 10 days! Oh, I am good. But I found myself last night doing something I very rarely do- having a full on pity part for myself. I sat in bed and pouted. I'm freaking tired of being the one who cares for everyone else, then when I get sick, I still have to care for ME. I would have laughed if I physically could have while puking. Every time I puked or used the toilet, I actually cleaned it, then would fall back in bed. It was pathetic.

So I had a pity party. The thoughts of "Who takes care of me?" rollicked around my big, albeit muddled, head. Is it too much to ask for a companion just to lean on after a craptastic day (or 10)?? In the dark of my room, I found myself placing one of my new, giant memory foam pillows under my covers, next to me. I topped it off with a down pillow in a head area. And finally, I just laid my head my imaginary pillow-man's chest, cried a few tears and went to sleep. Crazily, I kind of felt better about life in the morning.


  1. I left work to bring you Imodium and then took Chloe.....I tried to help take care of you!! :)

  2. You took AWESOME care of me! :)

  3. Oh Bb. White. Girl. Trap.

    So sorry I don't live closer to help clean your john at 2 am. Sending prayers and love your way!!