23 January 2010

The Perfect Couple

For every one, there is a perfect match. No one goes without its "better half". Tall/short, heavy/thin, black/white..and it goes on. You know the story already. But not in my home. Oh no. There is no such thing as a perfect pair...of socks, of course.

While I thoroughly enjoy washing and drying clothes, I proportionately loathe folding them and putting them away. Most times I can force myself to hang and/or fold clothing. Its the socks & undergarments which always suffer. They form helpless piles in corners of my bedroom. Underclothing is easy enough to work through. It really doesn't matter which ones I put on, as long as they are clean. Those piles go down throughout the week.

On the other hand, you have what I am naming the Great Sock Conundrum. I've got my socks, and the socks of my 10 yr old niece. Somehow, loads don't ever come out even and some socks get washed while their respective mate waits for the next load. And trust me, there is always a "next load".

I'm not a lazy woman. I'd even say I'm slightly OCD. But I just don't care enough to match up socks. Until recently. Every day this week, I've had to seriously dig for a clean pair of socks. This typically involves me scampering through about 4 different sock piles. Its been rather desperate. I'm fairly sure I wore dirty socks to work one day.

I decided today is The Day. The day I take back my life, fold my underwear & place it in a drawer and match up all socks. My niece actually scoffed at me once I had all of the random socks piled onto the middle of my bed. There were probably about 80 individual socks. I worked, and paired. After an hour, I had a good portion of the socks matched of & ready for a drawer. I also had, however, and entire pile of very distinct socks which lacked their counterparts. Especially forlorn was the holiday motif sock which I bought before boarding a flight to Germany. I love this sock. Its quirky, its comfy, it got me through a long transcontinental flight...but for the love, where is its match?

Sadly, I quit my project before finishing. I removed the forlorn pile from my bed & placed it gently on the floor. I'll find that holiday sock eventually, right? Its got to be around. Then again, I've been telling myself I'll find my own match for years...and that hasn't worked out yet. I better stick to socks. Or pray for flip-flop season.

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  1. All I can say is Amen, sister. When next you visit my abode, check out my mismatched sock drawers. Yes, that's plural. Maybe your missing sock is at my place. I'll keep an eye out.