05 May 2010

Dental Gems of Truth (according to me)

Although well past my 30th year on this earth, at least once a week I am still the delightful recipient of a call from my mom. Mom is technologically challenged, but has been slowly catching up to the pack. On a recent visit, I gave mom my old cellphone and she is proudly using it (a HUGE step forward!). Last night during one of these such calls, mom asked if I had blogged recently, and if not, when would I.

This simple notion made me smile to myself. 2 months ago, mom could barely open her facebook account. Now she wants to know when my next blog is coming out. Truth be told, I've been down & out w/ teeth problems for nearly 3 weeks. Its a long story which involves highly paid specialists, root canals (plural), meds and plenty of soft foods. I'm still kind of mumbly and don't like to talk at night because that is when I'm in the most pain.

So anyways...(said in my Nacho Libre voice), during too many sleepless nights, I have learned some real gems of knowledge and thought I would share them with you:
  • Teeth are important. For those of you with "good teeth" who "never" have a cavity- enjoy it and pray you pass those genes on to your children. Because having soft teeth sucks.
  • Children are more likely to run amok when supervised by a medicated parent. It took me like 3 days to discover my child was eating 2 or 3 dinners a night. She knew I was in too much pain/too tired to realize she was eating more than once. (Sneaky kids!)
  • You miss friends the most when you physically can't call them. To those of you I haven't called-- I will as soon as I can do so w/out mumbling like a drunk. It's just the jaw/teeth. I still love you!
  • A messy house doesn't bother me as much when I feel like crap. Go ahead- leave your dirty socks on the living room floor. That stack of dishes in the sink? They's still room for it to grow. Now that I'm starting to feel better, I'm like- what crap happened here??
  • Fever-induced hallucinations are never as meaningful as movies make them seem. They really are silly and kind of oddly frightening...even when the subject matter isn't that scary.
  • You could purchase a small country with what it costs to have dental procedures done in the US. Even with insurance, most plans only cover $1000 a year in procedures, which is a pittance compared to, oh say, a double root canal topped off with double crowns. I think I might want to marry a dentist....
  • Finally, nitrous is the BOMB! If I could mainstream it into my house, I would.


  1. Oh Bb, I'm so sorry you've been in pain. Tooth pain is the. worst. I seriously think it's as bad as labor pains. Maybe worse. You're in my prayers.

    And if it makes you feel better, I bet there are more dishes piled in my sink than there are in yours. And I don't even have a valid excuse.

  2. Bebe...I, like your mother anxiously await your posts because I enjoy your thoughts and stories so much! Thank you for the update...I have missed you sorely and wish that you a speedy recovery. When you feel better please call. You'll be in our prayers!!! We love you!!!!