04 August 2010

Dream A Little Dream(s)

The good news is, life is never dull. That bad news is, sometimes hectic life interferes with our souls. Being a single parent is a joy. Truly. Every day is an adventure- sometimes comedic, tragic, ironic...yet every day takes a bit of a toll. Going it on my own makes it a 24/7/365 deal. Luckily for all parties in my life, my little one has been able to travel to NJ to spend a couple of weeks with the Abuelos (Spanish for "grandparents") and catch up with her old friends. I miss my cutie every day, while she has confessed to "missing [me] about 10% of the time." But its been lovely to have some time to myself. This is my first vacation, if you will, since she arrived nearly a year and a half ago. During this time, I have indulged in a number of late nights, eating out, and movies (oh- how I missed you!). But I've noticed life has been a bit more quiet, and has surprised me with a little twist.

The one significant change born of this little break: my dreams have returned. Not metaphorically, but quite literally. From a very young age, my life has been filled with and crafted by dreams yielded in my sleeping moments. Dreams guide me, set me on certain paths, warn me, comfort me, instruct me, prepare me. Those close to me know this. Friends come to me for dream translations, and I have a confidence in this area. It's "my thing", if you will. Yet oddly, I haven't been dreaming much of late. Other than a random passing concept or visual blur, my mind has been silent at night. But given this little bit of time to re-charge my parenting batteries, it seems that I am once again blessed with this gift.

And what a pure, absolute delight it has been! I feel like I have been educated and inspired night after night. My world has just grown by leaps and bounds, and I feel so enlightened. Its the strangest sensation. Life just feels as if it were a painting hanging on the wall, slightly askew, and finally someone has just tapped it gently into level place.

I always marvel when people tell me they don't dream. Everyone dreams- its a part of our sleep cycles. Maybe some just don't recall their dreams. My niece tells me she didn't start having dreams until she came to live with me. That just seems odd to me, yet I'm giddy that she is finally enjoying something which I treasure so much.

It seems that there is much in store for me soon, and I look forward to finding out exactly how life plays out in the coming months and years. But thanks to my dreams, I feel as though I have my bearings again, with hope on the horizon. In one of my most prominent dreams this week, I was on a train journey. I think is the perfect summation for what is yet to come.

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