30 March 2011

Ice cream, Popsicles, Tonsils, Oh My!

I was blessed enough to land a new and amazing job this last November. It has been such a miracle in my life. I'm still working away with design and marketing, so really, what more could a girl ask for. So when I fell slightly ill over the holidays, and that slightly ill migrated into seriously ill, I was a little bit bummed. Doctor appointment after doctor appointment, I had turned up with a bunch of strange "kid" illnesses which I had never before experienced: tonsillitis, bronchitis, sinus infection, unidentified throat weirdness, ear aches, eye infection (??).

After finally seeing an ENT, I was diagnosed with a whopping case of Cryptic Tonsillitis, I made the first available appointment for a tonsillectomy. My fantastically wry doctor warned that anyone over 20 would face a "very difficult recovery" with at least "2 weeks flat out in bed". However, he did advise I could eat all the ice cream, popsicles and smoothies I wanted. Not great food for a non-ice cream lover (don't hate!).

I wasn't nervous going onto surgery, but I sure was shocked coming out. Turned out my tonsils were worse than the doctor had anticipated. They were huge and gross (too gross to post here). Apparently my superhero ENT had to do some creative carving to get everything done & out.

That was 2 weeks ago today. Let me give you a run down on the recovery: ...uh, I took some meds, and drank several gallons of ice water....uh. And that's the end of my log. Apparently that's all I remember. So yes, Dr. Hill, You were right- I was like 20 years too old for the surgery. But cheers for doing such a bang-up job & making my diet plan easier (still shying away from solid foods). Here's to a better rest of 2011 & no tonsils.

And PS- I don't really hate ice cream...I just have to be...in the mood. :)

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  1. Bb, I'm so sorry it was such a rough ordeal! On the bright side, I'm sure you'll never get sick again! :)

    And I'm sure your lack of love for ice cream is because your palate is just too sophisticated! ;) Ice cream is boring, right?